Sericulture plays an important role in upliftment of rural economy and gainful self employment both in pre and post cocoon sector. Jorhat district can pride for having significant position in production of world monopoly i.e. unique golden yellow muga silk.A large portion of rural people earn their livelihood from this sector. By utilizing the scope & traditional skill with modern technology this sector can be developed to an extream limit

Topographically Jorhat district possesess high and suitable soil structure for congenial growth of silkworm food plants such as som,soalu, castor ,kesseru,mulberry etc.

In Jorhat district presently there are 540 nos village which are identified as sericulturally developed and potential, where about 14218 nos families are engaged in this industry, out of which there are 4515nos progressive eri rearers and 2288nos progressive muga rearers who have already trained and equipped with modern technologies under pre & post cocoon sector.

The total acerage ofdifferent silkworm food plants in the district is 1024.14 hact out of which 439.01hact eri,438 hact muga &147.35 hact area under mulberry plantation is one of the best strength for sericulture sector in the district. The district produces 28703kg Eri cut cocoon 950.2kg muga raw silk and 35796kg mulberry raw silk during 2012-2013. Besides this a good part of cocoon production is sold by the growers to get quick and cash income. 144nos S.H.Gs have also been engaged in sericulture activities.

To produce 9925 kg Muga raw silk as per target Jorhat Dist. require 1crore DFLs. to produce 5crore commercial cocoons.However Jorhat district has so far been producing its 20% of requirement through MSDP Jogduar,Muga seed Grainage , Titabar supported by 35 Nos.private muga seed grainure in the district.

There are 13 nos Govt. Farms and Centers in the district with the staff and on going activities as follows.



Under this scheme total 542 nos beneficiaries will be supported with Rearing appliances and others and 45 nos farmers will be trained under skill up gradation programme as per target given below

1. T.S.P.- 58 nos
2. S.C.S.P- 245 nos
3. Plan General- 194 nos
4. Training on Eri Spinning -45 nos


Catalytic Development Programme (CDP) is the only central sponsored ongoing scheme in Jorhat district. The following components under this scheme are mentioned below-

1. A.E.F.P.(Augmentation of Eri Food Plants) :In this programme 25 acre area brought under Eri food plantation among 50 nos beneficiaries @ 0,5 acre each. Equal number of Rearing Houses under construction which are now on progress.

2. A.M.F.P. (Augmentation Of Muga Food PlantS) ; In this scheme 20 acre area covered under som plantation @ 1 acre by 20 nos beneficiaries in different Dev. Blocks.

3. A. Mulb. F. P( Augmentation of Mulberry Food Plants) : In this scheme 20 nos beneficiaries -adopting mulberry plantation in 0,5 acre area each . Construction of rearing house under process.

4. Private Muga Grainure : Under this scheme 3nos private progressive rearers are assisted to produce muga DFLs in the district.

1 Asstt. Director 1 no.
2 Project Officer 1 no.
3 Extension Officer 3 no.
4 Seri. Inspector 1 no.
5 Farm Manager 2 no.
6 Asstt. Farm Manager 4 nos
7 Seri. Demonstrator 27 nos
8 Junior Engineer 1 no
9 Senior Asstt 1 no
10 Junior Asstt 4 nos
11 Driver 1 no
12 Peon /Chowkider 10 nos
13 Grade. IV (M/R) 36 nos.
14 M/R. Labour 2 nos.

Staff position of office of the Superintendent of Sericulture, MajuliSub-Div.

1 Superintendent of Sericulture 1 no.
2 Seri. Inspector 1 no.
3 Asstt Manager 1 no.
4 Seri. Demonstrator 5 nos.
5 Senior Asstt. 1 no.
6 Junior. ASstt 2 nos
7 Peon/Chowkider 2 nos
8 Grade - IV( M.R) 9 nos
9 M/R labour 2 nos