The Morigaon Electrical Division along with the five numbers of sub-divisions mainly viz: Morigaon Electrical Sub-Division, Jagiroad Electrical Sub-Division,Jhargaon Electrical Sub-Division,Laharighat Electrical Sub-Division and Charaibahi Electrical Sub-Division are looking after the distribution and maintenance of power supply in and around Morigaon district.

Practically Morigaon District receives power from a dual network system through our 33 KV network. Baghjhap 132/33 KV Grid Sub-Station.
Capacity of the Sub-Station - 2X16 MVA = 32 MVA.

In case of non-availability of power from the Baghjhap Grid due to some unavoidable circumstances, emergency power is received from Nagaon (Bebejia-33/11 KV Sub-Station) subject to the availability of power at that Sub-Station to run the vital installations.

  • Total Nos. of consumers = 80,503 Nos.
  • Average Energy Injection per month = 7.8 Million Units (approx)
  • 11 KV Line Length = 1099.79 Kms (Ckt KM)
  • 33 KV Line Length = 55 Kms (Ckt KM)
  • Total Nos. of DTR (Distribution Transformer) = 1196 Nos.
  • Total Nos. of 33/11 KV Sub-Station = 4 Nos.
  • Geographical Area Covered = 1704 sq. Km (approx)

Due to constraints of evacuation of power from the Morigaon and Jagiroad Sub-Stations, Three new 33/11 KV Sub-Stations are proposed to set up.

1. Basnaghat under MESD, Morigaon (R-APDRP Scheme).
2. Mayang under JHESD, Jhargaon (ABY Scheme).
3. Mikirbheta under CESD, Charaibahi (ABY Scheme).

On Commissioning of the above Sub-Stations it is expected that the voltage problem suffered by some areas in the district would be eliminated for the time being.

The area under Laharighat Sub-Division at present is receiving power from Samuguri 220 KV Grid Sub-Station through Samuguri-Rupohi-Dhing-Laharighat 33 KV feeder due to which there is a voltage drop at the receiving end and frequent load shedding as there is heavy load demand in that feeder.One new 33 KV line is proposed and approved (32 KM approx) from Baghjhap 132/33 KV grid Sub-Station to Laharighat 33/11 KV Sub-Station and the construction work is going on. After construction of this 33 KV line, the voltage problem of Laharighat and Bhuragaon area will be solved.

To facilitate the payment of Energy Bills and redressing of complaints of the consumers in remote and distant areas, two new customer care center is proposed under Morigaon Electrical Division:-
(A) BidyutGrahakSeva Kendra at Jajari under Charaibahi Electrical Sub-Division.
(B) BidyutGrahakSeva Kendra at Khetri under Jagiroad Electrical Sub-Division. Both the centers started functioning w.e.f01/06/2012.

(a) Total numbers of villages electrified = 472 Nos.
(b) Total numbers of transformers installed = 598 Nos.
(c) Total numbers of BPL connection = 35,417 Nos